Company Information

Balqis Textiles and Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (BTMSB) is a 100% Bumiputra ownership known as regular and custom-made clothing manufacturer. In line with the national aspiration to create a successful Bumiputra business, BTMSB committed to build the company over time into an excellence regular and custom-made clothing manufacturer that can compete in an outstanding level. In addition, BTMSB also wishes to establish itself as a Malaysian company with a solid reputation in this industry.

This company initially specializes a variety of school uniform, corporate uniform, T-shirt, traditional wears, women’s scarf (tudung), babies and children’s garment, sport wear, curtain, cushion cover and any kinds of textiles manufacturing. Since then, Balqis Textiles & Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (BTMSB) expanded their capabilities and business to cater to the rapid growing and demanding market. It even takes any challenge comes by providing their needs.

Our optimize service delivery process enable us to plan and execute best quality to our customers serving in all aspect of commercials. Our experts are high qualified in various field with hands-on experience on designing, material handling, cutting, sewing, quality control and as well as packaging.

On top of that, BTMSB has an excellent business relationship with our suppliers, bankers, customers and investors, guarantee as a one stop future clothing centre for a diverse range of clothing line in textile industry. As promised by the concept of ‘First Stop Centre’. We provide best out of the best services to our customers and satisfy their needs as possible. Thus, we gain the trust and matching manufacturer to any organization that look forward for products and services that value for you investment and can handle your large sales promotion orders.

After some years and many changes, backed by great resources of experience and creative energy, BTMSB is looking forward to new challenges with absolute confidence and the determination to continue providing its client with more high quality, innovative, customer-focused and advanced technology.